Why we wanted to collect by the end of 2012 50 thousand euros and we did (not)?

Here on our websitewww.kunsthalle.sk is shining an icon with the final amount of 50 thousand euros. Why?

We doubled the grant received in 2012 from The Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic because we hoped that people would make twice bigger. At the end of 2012 the actual amount was only little more than 13.000 €. The aimed 50k was not achieved, but the truth is that every day some euros, some days even hundreds, are being added on the account. More people started to support by setting a regular standing order and we hope more will join. Our promises are not empty and our supporters could see that something has been done with the donations, they could see the results. The first 300 people are on the list of immortals and we believe it will become bigger. There is no other way although the planned amount for 2012 was not achieved.

Despite the fact that actually only one third was collected, we are happy with the results. In some way the final amount was achieved – if we add up the 5 thousand award for wining the Bauwelt price , MŠK Žilina for their support and the promised help from our sponsors in form of material and work – Cemix, Rheinzink, Kontrakting, Proma, Baumit, Cofely, … – the set amount was even exceed. Together with work which has been done, e.g. free demolition job by company JH Realstav and free rubbish dumping by T+T, it is even better. We are applying for two smaller grants from European funds and we hope we will receive them in 2013.

We keep receiving questions like why Jews do not support us while it is their building. Our answer is: Why should they? From the original 3 thousand members Jewish community – which would by today be more than tripled – most of them ended in the concentration camps. Even those who survived never found their peace during the communist era. Their shops, houses and factories were not given back to them and most of them emigrated. Today the Jewish community in Zilina has only around 50 members and most of them are elderly. There is nowhere they could find the money to support a project, which they have supported anyway by giving us the old synagogue building in the centre of town for free? Anyway why would they support the project which is presenting contemporary art and not their Jewish culture? Even though they do assist as they could by providing contacts, experiences and even money. They changed the roof drains, fixed the roof and we do meet regularly with Pavol Frankel to discuss our plans. In their small synagogue on Dlabacova street two gigs to support the project have been organized already. This small community is doing a lot and they are setting an example.

Nothing is impossible – it would be enough if more hundreds of people would donate 10 euros each, and some of them would add up even more. The most important is for us is to believe! We are happy that you are taking this advantage with us. The donation website is www.kunsthalle.sk
Thank you!