Support the reconstruction and buy immortality

Perhaps we discovered the immortality! And we have some to sell. Once you contribute to kunsthalle creation and to preservation of the unique architectonic monument, the same time you can buy immortality. Please visit our new donator portal Thank you!

Public donations are still very important source of finance for the reconstruction. The EU and other public funds are are far away, potential sponsors are making excuses because of the crisis. But we still believe that the reconstruction is possible without getting help from state or global firms. Only two thousand people can move the project forward by small regular financial supports. Join us sa here and now buy the immortality too.

The quality artistic pieces will one day become immortal. In 2013 one like this will emerged and will become the only permanent part of the new synagogue. It will be created from names of people regularly supporting the reconstruction. These people will by giving financial support ensure their symbolic immortality. Recognized personality of the Slovakian art scene will be the author of this art piece. Thanks to Istropolitana Ogilvy agency and to other media for free ads and for help with the immortality campaign.

Why the reconstruction is so important? The synagogue building belongs to one of the most important Slovakian monuments of the 20th century. The building was projected by the word famous German architect Peter Behrens and it was constructed in 1931. It was few times insensibly reconstructed. After the Second World War it became a theatre, or a assembly hall of the university later. Till 2010 it was used as a cinema. Only in 2011 has come the first real chance of it’s revitalisation back to the original building.

We set this ambitious aim with the budget of one million euro. The building we rent from Jewish community for symbolic rental fee for 30 years. In 2011 there was mostly research and planning and in January 2012 the reconstruction has begun. It has been running since thanks to the donators and volunteers. If you join us, Behrens’s synagogue will become a kunsthalle already in 2014.

Thank you!