Brothers Novaks – the synagogue constructors

Are we too young for taking the responsibility of reconstruction of the synagogue? We are not – in our thirties we are actually older than the constructors who build it in 1931.

At the time when Ing. Ervín Novák when was setting up the building company he was only 28 years old and his brother Arch Pavel Novák only 26. 1 year later they won the competition and started to build the synagogue according to the project of German architect Peter Behrens.

Company called Bratia Ing. Novák Žilina was set up in 1927 and the synagogue building permit was issued on 25. October 1928. Unfortunately the original project documentation, which was part of the permit, is lost. The synagogue was built in 1929 – 1931. The construction manager was Žigo Wertheimer.

Brothers Novaks not only built the synagogue in between the two word wars, but the Hotel Metropol building (today VZP building) and the Financial Palace (today Prima bank building) too.

According to their cousin Ernesta Krenkova, who also worked for the company, Pavol studied architecture in Prague. They used to live in Zilina on Daniel Dlabac street. She also told us that Pavol, his brother and father sold the company and moved with their families during 1933 – 1936 to Palestine.

Thanks to Doc. Ing. Milan Novak, Phd for photos and information.
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