T-shirt design competition to support synagogue reconstruction

Nova synagoga invited you to join the summer competition for a t-shirt design. The theme is either the reconstruction of the synagogue or the future kunsthalle. By selling t-shirts with the winning designs we can rise more money needed for the reconstruction. T-shirts will be also used as a gift for our donators and sponsors, who supported us by donating bigger amounts or have set up standing orders on their accounts.

To start a designing competition was an idea of our coworker Peter Pyppo Dlhopolček. The competition has 2 parts – the first part where we approached selected Slovakian famous designers and artists is over. Later we asked all other professionals, non professionals and general public to join our competition.

You can see all the designs we got until 5 of August, and vote for your favorite here. Together with the graphic experts we will choose then 5 – 10 designs, which will be printed on the t-shirts. The aim of this competition is not only to support the donation campaign but also to spread the kunsthalle idea around.