Bring Your Giving Home-Limited Edition Serigraphs by Jarmily Mitríkovej and Dávida Demjanoviča

From the current exhibit Tatranské Pastorále in Zilina gallery Plusmínusnula we have fifty limited edition serigraphs, “Partizánsky Handstein” in five color combinations (blue, green, burgundy, grey, beige) to support the reconstruction of the new synagogue. Now buying art has two benefits- a valuable piece for your home and a place of honor on a list of donors to the reconstruction of the work of one of the most prominent architects of the 20th century.

Prints are available with a donation of with a donation of 30€ or more, and can be ordered by contacting , or online through Each gift will be matched by the VUB foundation for the same amount.  Prints can be picked up at the Plusmínusnula gallery or mailed to your house. Thank you to the artist and thank you all!