Buy Or Sell A Home – Get Immortality

We welcome all new sponsors of the reconstruction.  But it is especially helpful when people commit themselves to helping in the long term.  This happened a few weeks ago with Patrik Kurimský of the real estate and auction company Licitor

Buy or sell your home and get immortality – under this slogan Licitor launched their new campaign,  Each sale and purchase contract will now result in a donation of 49-79 euros to the reconstruction project .  At auctions organized by the company Licitor will donate 1-3 percent of their proceeds.  And that’s not all, if you go to and become a fan, for each “like” they will give one euro to the synagogue reconstruction.  Amazing, no?

“We have reached a point where we, too, although a relatively small, inconspicuous group, we do things differently.  Better. We feel the need to compensate for some of the dysfunctions of the state.  We do responsible business.  Responsible not just for our partners and employees, where there is always room for improvement and we do need to dedicate our time and effort, but also to the environment in which we operate on a daily basis.  We want to do things differently. we want to do them responsibly, because we can…”, written by Patrik Kurimský,