Accompanying program of the exhibition Dan Perjovschi – Selected News

The themes which were used by Dan in his large-format sketches deserve attention and discussions. Some of the discussions are happening in spectators’ heads and in the media, but the more specific ones we decided to present during the happening called Memory Kontrol in Stanica Žilina-Záriečie. Education and family programs and tours for students take part of the exhibition. As well there will be happenings which do not relate to the exhibition but will occur symultaneously.

9. – 2. 10. 2014

The caricaturist Martin „Shooty“ Šútovec (SME) and painter Cyril Blažo will interfere into the exhibition. Their intervention will be part of the exhibition during it’s lasting in form of video and photo documentation.

10. 2014, 18.00 (in Stanica Žilina-Záriečie)

Discussion about “How to win election” will be about peoples’ work behind the scenes, behind what we see and hear when politicians speak in the front of cameras and microphones. Adam Znášik a Peter Hajdin (Komplot), Michal Hlaváč (Vrtieť psom), Rado Baťo (Kancelária prezidenta SR), moderuje Fedor Blaščák (Memory Kontrol).

10. 2014, 15.00 – 17.00

Kinderhalle afternoon for families with kids „Selected news“ based on themes and techniques used by Dan Perjovschi. Lecturers –Hana Hudcovičová Lukšů and Martu Hlavajová.

10. 2014, 18.00 (Plusmínusnula gallery)

Opening of Jakuba Hošek’s exhibition – Sklízení snů.

10. 2014, 20.20

Pecha Kucha Night Žilina, Vol. 28 – 20 pictures x 20 seconds creative people, who we want to present. This time as a part of Žilina‘s literary festival.

10. 2014, 10.00 (in Stanica Žilina-Záriečie)

Morning coffee and discussion „About freedom“ – on the occasion of 25. anniversary after the „Fall of iron curtain“ – Martin Bútora, Karel Schwarzenberg, anchor Fedor Blaščák (Memory Kontrol).