Pódium #6: Star closing not only for children creative activities for families with children Saturday 15. 6. 2013, 13.00 – 20.00

Once upon a time there was one star building with lots to discover yet!

13.00 – 18.00
Creative assembly for children and families will be held in star-scientific and star-graphic style and will consist of rough substance as well as soft substance modelling, tones of playful music and positive wavelength. Children and playful parents can enjoy diverse materials and components of Makedo jigsaw, graphical and musical components, space suits and telescopes, knitting needles and a concrete mixer with real concrete inside!

19.00, exhibition and closing of Pódium
Matúš Kocka: The biggest mysteries of the Universe
About unanswered questions of modern astrophysics, about phenomena that “move” the universe and about what we already know for long time but most of people think it is still the sci-fi. About black holes, dark matter and the most powerful explosions in the universe.

Admission: 3,00 €. Admission to the lecture free (voluntary). All proceeds will be donated to the reconstruction of the New Synagogue.

deťom6. podium