Synagogue is pre-opened to schoolchildren groups

It is unusual that teachers would take their schoolchildren to visit a building ground, a demolition site – a building in reconstruction.

If there are some brave teachers who would do so, then they are giving a chance to themselves and their students to look into the past as well as into the future.

Until the Kunsthalle is ready it will go through a complicated and costly reconstruction process. We would like to, now and then, invite general public as well as schoolchildren to enter the building, to see the work progress, to give us their opinion. This time the interior light design of Laura Murguia could be seen inside. Side specific audiovisual installations of András Cséfalvay a Jakub Pišek too. Also Martin Jančok’s synagogue model, etc.

The synagogue will stay “pre-opened” until the end of September.

The school groups should pre-book in advance. We can offer an interactive commentary regarding the building’s past and future. We can do this in a form which would be interesting even for little pupils.

The entrance fee is 1-€ per person and the money will be used for the building reconstruction.