Public donation campaign is now fully running. Synagogue needs your help!

It is a challenge to save the neolog synagogue and complete it’s reconstruction for the kunsthalle. Will we find and put the funds together to show that we really mean it? This is a big opportunity. Join us, take your part and donate to help us to rise 1 milion euro – money that we need for the reconstruction. Big thank you!

How to become a donator?
– transfer the money or directly put them into this account 2620864319/1100 in Tatra banka,
– do not forget to put your name and contact details into the transaction’s description, so we know who to thank for the contribution

Paypal transfers
– for fans of online transactions through Paypal we set up an account only for this purpose,
– it is very easy – just click on the “Donate” button on the right sidebar and follow the easy steps afterwards,
– when using Paypal, credit and debit cards are accepted, but be aware there is a small charge for it

There is also another way how to donate from abroad
– IBAN code of the account is SK13 1100 0000 0026 2086 4319, and SWIFT/BIC code of Tatra bank is TATRSKBX,
– the account name is Truc sphérique, address is Závodská cesta 3, 01001 Žilina, Slovakia,
– in this case the transaction charge is bigger than by using the debit/credit card or Paypal.

Is there any other way how to help out?
– try to organize a collection of funds for the kunsthalle with your friends, colleagues and spread the word around.
Public fund rising permit
– the collection of public donations is officially approved by the Slovakian Ministry of Interior (No. of the permission is SVS-OVVS3-2013/009623) and runs from 1 June 2013 till 31 May 2014

Neolog synagogue
Zilina’s synagogue belongs in terms of architecture to one of the most important Jewish buildings in Slovakia. At the times the modern building was projected by the word famous German architect Peter Behrens and mostly because of him this building belongs to one of the architectonical European’s monuments constructed at the time between the word wars. In 1963 it was appointed the National cultural monument. It has also won the architectural voting where it was included into the 5 most important Slovakian public buildings of the 20th century. There have also been rumors that this building might become a part of the UNESCO heritage.

How it all began?
NGO Truc sphérique is the owner and developer of the cultural centre Stanica Žilina-Záriečie and from 2011 is also renting the neolog synagogue building. The building is the property of Zilina’s Jewish community. The community is supporting our project by giving it to us for 30 years at no rent payment. The project on our side was submitted because we were afraid that the synagogue might become a commercial building. Our aim is to keep this building for cultural purposes.

We want the synagogue building to become a kunsthalle type international institution of contemporary art. There is a difference between the museum and the kunsthalle. Kunsthalle does not gather art collections, it mostly put it’s energy into making the contemporary art widely accessible to general public.
We want to use the word “kunsthalle” to make ourselves clear, that this place is not going to be one of the general galleries – which even some of the shopping centers are being called.

Our main reconstruction aim is to remove the architectonical interventions done during the communism era and bring back the building a look of the original Behrens’s architecture. The reconstruction began at the end of 2011 and will continue till end of 2014. We have been cooperating with the Regional Monuments Board in order to prepare the project documentation. To full fill the buildings requirements Magda Kvasnicova has carried a deep architectural and historical research. The chief architect is Martin Jančok.

1 mil. € are the necessary funds required for this not easy project.
We are applying for different domestic and international grants, we are also approaching individual and corporate sponsors, lots of work is being done by the volunteers. Money collected during this public donation campaign would become an important source of income too. All finances from the donators will be strictly used to cover the building reconstruction expenses.

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Contact:, 0907137145 (Marek Adamov), 0907425221 (Róbert Blaško)