PÓDIUM #1: Opening opening, concert, lecture nedeľa 12. 5. 2013, 18.00

Jakub Kopec: Minimally a manipulation

introduction to the installation


Otto Brusatti: On differences between nothing and the minimal in music and art

Dr. Otto Brusatti is a leading Austrian musical scholar and publicist, author of popular musical shows broadcasted in Austrian radio. Together with Jan Tabor he currently prepares an exhibition called Limits! about limits and radical changes in music, architecture and fine arts.


Fero Király: Philip Glass – Organ Music


Music in Contrary Motion – Mad Rush – and others


Fero Király is a musician who plants trees. In music he likes to go where he has not been before or creates his own habitats by experimenting with himself. In difficult times he hides in nicely painted fields of J. S. Bach. By contrast the trees that he grows are all well explored, documented and categorized. Nevertheless he cannot imagine living without them.

In Slovakia he had premieres of several works by Morton Feldman, Sofia Gubaidulina, Philip Glass and others. In 2009 he co-founded Cluster ensemble which performed Slovak premieres of compositions by Steve Reich (Six Pianos, Four Organs), Šarūnas Nakas, Marek Piaček, Peter Machajdík… In addition to that he is member of Dano Matej’s VENI ensemble and performs in Košice ensemble urbanHUDÁK.


Admission: 5,00 / 3,00 €; all proceeds will be donated to the reconstruction of the New Synagogue