Action – Kia – Reconstruction

Žilina’s car company Kia is not only pulling our economy – in 2013 it was the strongest partner of the reconstruction.

The reconstruction has started in 2012 with a budget of 1 mil. Euros draw us back. At the beginning we believed that this monument had such a prestige that there will not be any problem to find strong sponsors among the big companies. We were wrong and the reconstruction started thanks to lots of small donators. This way a community was developed and thanks to it now the bigger sponsors are stepping in.

The big grant from Kia Motors Slovakia started the same way, first the employees worked as volunteers. Usually once in a month they help out with the reconstruction. Therefore they know what our inner ambitions and needs are. Financial support from Kia in 2012 was used to finance a new floor. Thanks to this we could organized few more “Preopenings” in the autumn.

“Mobility is social responsibility and it is one of the key fields which Kia Motors Slovakia supports. Therefore we decided to finance the work which lead to disable friendly access. The whole kunsthalle will be thanks to Kia Motors Slovakia opened to disabled too.” said Kyo-Man Song, the vice president.

Everything what will be done this year will be more visible. Thanks to the support we managed to get from the underground to the ground. The outcomes are under the concrete now, but are base for the future works. Thank you Kia Motors Slovakia and we hope that we can count on your support this year as well.


Dobrovoľníci Kia